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The Redneck Succah in Ma'ale Shlomo
From Avi Shekhtam:
I must object! Your site has your redneck sukkah, from 5769, as being the first ever, but i have you beat by a year! (On video, that is, though I was already making redneck sukkahs for 3 years before that). Here's my video:

I don't know if you're the right address to write to, but yours was the only email I could find on your site. I would appreciate a link to my video if you're up to it, but at any rate, Chag Sameach!


The Redneck Succah in Detroit
Southern Jews

One of our members had this constructed at work in 5769. Lots of Jews in the office and they wanted a sukkah. Using the only materials they had on hand - oil drums, wood and skach, they constructed one of the world's first kosher "redneck Sukkahs".
The member was born in Sioux City, Iowa, which is not an explanation, but is a geographic note.
This is a wonderful example of using the materials at hand and adding some Ruach in Detroit.

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