It is the International Kiddush Club's great honour to present and sponsor the next version of the popular reality TV show, ''Rabbi Survivor''.

28 Rabbis

1 island

2 million dollars

Yes, with nothing more than yarmulkes, tallitot, and tefillin, 28 rabbis will be dropped off on a deserted island for several months. They will be challenged to survive, while keeping kosher with only the natural resources of the surroundings. Shabbat should be easier, without cars and television or any place to shop. Those who fail to daven three times a day with be eligible for elimination immediately. When they are tired and hungry, the producers of the show will tempt the rabbis with treif food such as cheeseburgers, shrimp, and bacon. Anyone who eats treif (including insects) will also be up for instant elimination.

The television cameras will not run on Shabbat; instead, there will be Talmud study sessions on the sand every Saturday afternoon. Men and women rabbis will be on separate teams and live in segregated camps, for modesty purposes. Each day, there will be ''immunity challenges'' in which the rabbis will be asked to recite sections of the Mishnah by heart. The physical challenges will include chopping down a tree and using the wood to build a sukkah, removing the horn from a ram to make a shofar, and a hagbah (Torah lifting) contest.

The contest will be held in secret, and will end once the UJA finds the island in order to remind the rabbis to pay their pledges for the current year.

The winner of Rabbi Survivor will receive 2 million dollars and a lifetime supply of gefilte fish. Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn, of Midbar Kodesh in Henderson, Nevada has stated ''if I win, of course the money will be donated back to the synagogue, but I plan on keeping the gefilte fish.''

To register, you must have smicha and have graduated in the top 97% of your class. Please contact for details.

A Midbar Kodesh production, Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn, Executive Producer, coming soon to KCTV (Channel 613).
Francine & Larry Wiederhorn, Executive Producers for Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn.

Coming soon . . . Cantorial Survivor
28 cantors, 1 microphone, $20.
(this program not yet rated but may contain scenes of violence and coarse language. May not be suitable for children, pets or synagogue board members)


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