The Mission of the Kiddush Club

tefillinThere are times when the rest of the world does not understand what the International Kiddush Club's mission is. We talk about it all the time, and it does not seem that everyone understands that even though we provide the "fun" and "ruach" to the FJMC and throughout the rest of the Masorti/Conservative world, our goal is to provide tefillin to everyone who need them.

tefillinWe've been working on supplying tefillin to people in Latin America, where the prices make them impossible for those of modest incomes to afford, and to parts of Europe where there are no Jewish resources, and have not been since the Spanish Inquisition. (Seriously, that little party by the church in the Iberian penninsula still affects the Jews who live there.)

We have been using our resources to purchase tefillin, and will have spent about $25,000 USD to that goal at this point in time. We have turned down a very few people who have made requests - some in the US who thought we were their "last resort" who ended up getting tefillin from their shul - and have tried our best to answer every request.

Your help is always welcome, you can donate funds through our links on the donation page or through the FJMC's facilities - whichever you feel most comfortable to do.

We don't have a fancy mission statement to put on this site. We didn't write a strategic plan, nor have we held endless meetings or conference calls. We're just here to have a little fun and raise money to buy some tefillin for those who can't afford them.

The next IKC Convention starts in:
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